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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fiverup.com: A great Fiverr alternative!

After months of using Fiverr I found an alternative that really is promising!

Welcoming to newcomers
On FiverUp you do not need to wait for months and lots of sales to finally charge the price you want - you can charge whatever your service is worth right away!

Easy to setup
Creating a gig is a matter of minutes, no hassle involved!

In contrast to Fiverr FiverUp requires ID proof from their sellers which makes it an extremely save marketplace!

Visit FiverUp now!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best newcomer Writer: I will write your article in professional English

Gig Graphics

Gig Description:

I am a passionate writer with a certificate from Cambridge University. I will write articles or short stories for you. The basic gig contains 250 words, please order multiple times for longer articles.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Writing Gig of the Week: I will be a regular writer for your website

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Gig Description:

I am professional blogger and love to write on diverse topics such as health, technology, lifestyle, parenting, travel, business, medical and nutrition.

I will submit one article (300 words) for $5.

I will write engaging blogs for your website to help you get steady traffic.

You can either provide with specific topics to write on or just leave it to me as I will write on the most famous trending topics in your specified niche.

Why am I the best candidate for you?

· Timely Delivery with no errors

· High Quality Content

· Perfect formatting

· SEO Optimized and Keyword Based Content

· 100% plagiarism free and unique content

· Your Full Ownership on every word submitted by me

· No spinning

Looking Forward for Your Orders

Best Regards,
Julia Buffay

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marketing Gig of the Month: I will promote ONE of your links using TribePro

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Gig Description:
  • ONE DAY DELIVERY - No Other Tribe Pro Provider Can Offer This 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3,000+ Gigs Completed
  • Do you Need some Powerful Social Signals to help your websites SEO?
  • Do You Need To Promote Your Link?
  • Do You Need To Get Your Url Seen By REAL People?
  • Do You Need Some Nice Backlinks?
  • Do You Need Help Getting Your Website Indexed?
  • Do You Need Help With Your Online Marketing?
  • Do You Want To Boost Your Websites Social Media?

Well look know Further! This gig does it all

Tribe Pro Is one powerful social media Bookmarking and sharing network on the internet today.

I will share 1 of your links using the TribePro Network.

Every url that I share gets syndicated over 200+ times on over 40 different sites including the major social networks like Stumble, Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, LinkedIn, Ning etc..

Look at My Extra's and buy the Blog RSS Feed gig. Best Value if you have a Blog or if you are part of the "empowered network"

I am also Throwing in a POWERFUL Twitter PROMOTION BONUS!! Buy this gig now to find out what it is.

Please Note: I do not Guarantee any sales or Sign Ups. No Adult or Offensive Content please. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Top Family Gig: I will make an illustration for fathers day

Gig Graphics

Gig Description:


Outlines in black and white: 1 gig (5$)
Color: 3 gigs (15$)

This gig is for 2 characters, if you need add one more is 5$ extra for character.

Want to make a nice gift for your father on this day, for him birthday or for any occasion? :)

Well I can help you! Just tell me about what you want and do it for you.

Please contact me for any special requests :)

The Law Gig of the Week: I will answer your legal questions, contracts, arrest report reviews

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Gig Description:

Welcome, a little about me.

I was a cop for 30 years for a large CA sheriff's depart. I have been hailed as a hero for several life saving awards and commendations from the F.B.I., Attorney General as well. I attended Biola Univ. for my B.S. and California Southern law school. So then, you get the both of best worlds a retired LAWYER - COP...lol..I have a wealth of knowledge and resources. So are you....Stressed out? Need legal help? Is your loved one in jail? Do you have court? Get arrested? I am an easy going person and will talk your head off. I will call you or you me and can help you be stress free. I am a drug expert, DUI expert, Contract expert, Family law expert. Just order up and I will answer ONE SHORT REASONABLE question.

This does not include contract/legal brief reviews.

Please check out my added gigs here...as it will be a lot cheaper than going to your local attorney as he/she will do little for you at this price... Remember, the question must be reasonable...no more than (1) short paragraph on the $5 gig...order other gigs which fit... 2 QUESTIONS = 2 GIGS, 3 QUESTIONS - 3 GIGS get it? Remember, a written response will be short to the point.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today's Top Gig: I will record a female voice over in a Jamaican Accent

Gig Graphics

Gig Description:

Will record a studio quality voice over of 150 words or less of anything you want me to say in a Jamaican or Caribbean Accentfor $5. For scripts over 150 words order an additional gig multiple to cover every additional 150 words or less.

Tell me the character of the voice you want (eg. Young woman, excited) & I will provide you with an mp3 (or other audio format of your specification) for each take.
  • I provide 3 takes of all scripts of 150 words or less. No videos. 
  • For gigs with scripts over 300 words, an additional $10 required for multiple takes. 
  • Different rules and rates apply for LISTS of any kind. Please message me before ordering a gig for one. 
  • I offer FREE DEMOS (of low quality) so you can hear how I sound saying your script before you order. 
  • Will translate your English script to Patois/Jamaican Creole for FREE 
  • N.B. Two separate & unrelated scripts of 150 words or less in total equals 2 gigs, not one. 
  • First revision FREE. Subsequent revisions attract a fee of $5 
  • $5 fee for revisions due to script changes made after I already delivered. 
Use me for your voicemail, commercials, video game, audiobook, DJ Drops/shoutouts, e-learning course & more!

The Gig: